"Come a minute", Yael called from the living room.
        "Why, what's the matter"?
        "Come and see".

        They showed the medical program on the set. The host introduced a senior doctor from a big hospital. An impressive man, with white haired head and horn-rimmed glasses, white coat. The subject: "can't get it hard", why and what to do. Very important. As people grow older, it matters to more and more people. He described the blood flow through the penis and what goes wrong as time goes by, reviewed the conventional treatments, mainly medication, and then he presented a new breakthrough: shock waves. A method that deals with the heart of the problem and not with symptoms, it has a high success rate, no side effects, and no need of drugs. The good hospital of the north also experimented with a group of people and very good results have been observed.

        "Well?", said Yael
        "What well?
        "Well? Well!"

        A day after I called the Doctor's Clinique and a friendly secretary replied. I told her that I saw the TV program and she immediately understood.

        "Come to us for a test and we'll see if you qualify for the treatment."
        "To come when?"
        "Just a minute, I will check in the diary." And after a minute:
        "Come tomorrow."

        Tomorrow, I took a bus and went to town, climbed with the elevator and arrived to the Clinique. The secretary looks pretty and walks on high pointy heels. She is as nice as her voice sounded on the telephone. She writes a few details about me, and after the business arrangement she leads me to a specialist doctor in a nearby room.

        The doctor, a young nice man, not the one of the television, converses with me on my medical history, medical events in the past, medicines, drug sensitivity, questions that doctors ask their patients. He writes everything on the keyboard with a speed of lightning that people of my generation clearly cannot follow. He then explains the way that the method works. The shock waves open the blood vessels and by that they stimulate their regeneration and also formation of new blood vessels.

        How long does the regeneration take? I ask. The treatment three weeks, twice a week, and full regeneration about three months. The doctor says that there is a need for blood tests and I show him results from five months ago that I brought with me. He goes over them and tell me that all is fine. He then concludes that by the data that he has now I qualify to the treatment, and there is an eighty-two percent chance for success. As far as he is concerned, we can start the treatment. When? I ask. Even now, and he gives me a recipe for a pill that I have to take once a day. This pill improves the effectiveness of the shockwave operation, he explains. The meeting is over and he escorts me back to the secretary.

        We met before and now we are friends. She again arranges the business aspect, and by the way tells me how good and successful the doctor is. Then she brings me to the treatment room.

        In the room there is a box on four legs and two parallel cylinders come out of it. I understand that this is the shockwave device. The device operator, also friendly, asks me to drop my trousers and panties and to sit on a seat which is half a chair half a couch, and to spread my legs forward. He puts a generous amount of Vaseline on the device cylinders and on my penis, and brings them closer, so that now the penis is between them. He catches the three of them with a grab intended for this use, so that it is caught like in a sandwich toaster.

        The operator deals with the buttons on the side and pushes the start button. A little explosion sound is heard from the left cylinder. It is like the "pak" sound of a ping-pong ball on a racquet during a play on the beach. I feel a little stab on my left side. This is probably the shockwave. The right cylinder is not slow to respond with a similar "tak", and so they play together like on the beach at a rate of eighty-two double passes a minute, later I measured with a watch, and my penis is in the middle. On the same occasion I also measured the heart rate and saw that it greatly dropped. I cannot complain that I didn't receive a relaxation massage. To the praise of the players, the ball didn't fall for a full ten minutes.

        After the time is over, the operator frees the grabber, moves the cylinders, one a little bit forward and one a little bit backward, returns the grabber to its place, and operates the device for another round, and by the end the penis is freed. I feel that it not only absorbed hits, but also got really warm.

        At the end of the session, he gives me a piece of paper and I try to wipeout the Vaseline as much as I can. During the next treatments I improved slowly until it was reasonably clean.

        On the way back home, I stopped at the pharmacy and gave the recipe to the pharmacist. I don't understand what is written on it because the doctor wrote it by hand, but the pharmacist has no problem. He brings three boxes which will last three months exactly, a coincidence, and he wishes me success in the treatment with a smile of partners in fate.

        At home I check in the internet what are these pills. It turns out that this is a well-known medicine for erecting the penis. One pill of high dose, to take thirty minutes before use, and one pill of low dose, to take one per day. After five days the pill will be effective for the whole day whenever needed. Something like monthly free ticket. The doctor gave me the low dose.

        After two days I took the first pill, and it, bang, bang, was effective immediately. I asked Yael what she thought and she said: "ich, not something." "patience" I said, the doctor said that the blood vessels should regenerate themselves.

        I went to the second treatment and arrived a little early. I sat in the waiting room and heard the ping-pong game from the treatment room. Then someone with a little confused face came out. I entered the room and already knew what to do. During the treatment I asked the operator if there will be a second meeting with the doctor. No, no need he said.

        "When you go to a doctor to a Medicaid clinic, you also go to a second meeting?"
        "At least for the success statistics", I suggested.
        "Ah, this is simple. If you don't come back to us after the treatment, it means that it was a success."

        I wanted to say something but said nothing. He doesn't set the rules.

        Back at home I entered the web again and found that clinics like this one multiply like mushrooms that pop up after the rain, and they are everywhere. I also looked for a document that the hospital in the north issued on the tests that he made, what were the results? What was the success rate? I didn't find any.

        I moved to search in English and there I found a site:

        Low level shock waves are safe treatment to men which can't get it hard, and they may improve or even cure the problem. But there remain many problems that don't have a satisfactory reply, including what patients qualify to the treatment, what is the required operation order, and what devices are the best. Without satisfactory reply to these questions, this medical treatment is doubtful, say some orology experts

        Further to that, there is criticism on the experiments that they were not properly planned. It is difficult to compare between studies and it is difficult to arrive to conclusions. The institute in the US, that tests efficiency of drugs and medical procedures, didn't approve this method, therefore it should be considered an experimental process. One doctor says that all the information should be given to the patient to his judgement. The researchers say that the treatment looks promising, but is not yet ready for application. There is also criticism on fake treatments.

        Here the ministry of health approved the treatment. But the approval is only for its safety and not to its efficiency. As usual with us, people forget to mention it.

        The next treatments went routinely. During one treatment before the last, the secretary that has disappeared after the first meeting, appeared again.

        "Next time, the last one, the operator will give you a written summary of all the treatments."

        In the last treatment I sat outside and waited to the end of the ping-pong game of the earlier patient. But the operator called me immediately to the secretary room, where now there was one more treatment device, and he connected me to it. He started to work stereo, in parallel, to meet the increased demand.

        After this treatment, the last one, ended, he gave me the summary of all the sessions as the secretary promised. What was written in it? The dates and times of all the treatments, and that was all. In my heart I added: One meeting with a doctor, two meetings with a secretary, and six treatments.

        "Come for a minute, Yael called me from the living room
        "What is it? What's the matter?"
        "Come and see."
        "We already been in this movie."
        "No, no, come and see."

        Again, a doctor from a big hospital appeared on the screen. Again, an impressive man. This time the hair is grey and no eye glasses. This doctor is more decisive than the first one. "Can't get it hard" is a possible symptom of more severe problems, such as diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It can be dangerous like smoking or like getting fat. Therefore, it should be taken care of and not neglected. He also has a breakthrough, radio waves. The good hospital of the north also tested this method and the results are promising.

        Yael asks what is the difference between the operation of shock waves and the operation of radio waves. I reply that I don't know, but from the explanation of the doctors I understand that these waves operate from inside out, and those waves operate from outside in, or maybe vice versa.

        But this doctor has a more important good news. No need of a clinic, no need of a doctor, no need of treatments. Buy a device for home use and that's it. The device arrives discretely in an opaque parcel wrapped in a brown paper. The parcel includes detailed operation instructions and detailed treatment instructions. All included and the delivery is free. I went again to the web and even saw a photo of the magic device. Something like a big disk with a hole in the middle. With my unlimited understanding I grasp that the hole is intended to threading the penis through it during the treatment. Girls can give it a present to their boyfriends with a greeting card: "In hope that you'd take the hint."

        I walk in the street at night and hear a sound behind. Turn my head back and see a huge disk, with a hole in the center, walking after me. I try to expand my steps and walk away from it, but the feet refuse to advance. Finally, they fail and I fall down. Fall, fall, until my back hits a huge omelet in the big yellow of a sunny side up.

        A hand shakes me and wakes me up.

        "Calm down, all well, all good, no need to shout."

        I told her the dream and she said:

        "Nothing to worry about. Now they will invent a new patent: Electric waves, something, something! Suitable also for a population of sex enhancers."

        I wanted to write an erotic story, but a story of how to succeed in business came out. Maybe next time it will be erotic.

A fictitious story. Any resemblance is absolutely random.

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